The Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss

To be honest, it’s quite difficult to find downsides to SMP. On the flip-side of the coin, however, it’s very easy to find a whole bunch of benefits of scalp micropigmentation for hair loss. So let’s just roll them on out for you all.

Top Ten Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

  1. It works. But that’s not because it’s some magical lotion or potion that makes your hair grow back, overnight. Oh no, scalp micropigmentation, or SMP as it’s also known, simply conceals the misery that hair loss leaves behind.
  2. It’s affordable. After spending a small fortune on Rogaine, Monixidil, maybe a hair transplant along the way, it becomes pretty clear, hair loss solutions can dent the wallet over time in a pretty big way. SMP isn’t like that. One hit on the credit card and you are done.
  3. It’s super quick. Once you’ve decided to go for it, all you need to do is book your appointment, discuss your hairline, make your first session Rendez-Vous and you’re on your way to hair restoration paradise.
  4. It looks like the real deal. Opt for a natural hairline and you’ll end up with an indistinguishable result between a veritable and freshly barbered buzz-cut and one that’s been recreated with natural pigments.
  5. It’s maintenance-free. Once you’ve managed to get over the minor hurdles of treatment and aftercare it’s plain sailing all the way, with the small inconvenience of a top-up after three to five years.
  6. It’s holistic. Yes, you have heard that right. It’s the natural way to restore your hair without the use of harmful chemicals. Scalp micropigmentation pigments contain solely natural ingredients to ensure a colour that is stable and durable.
  7. It is modifiable. So if you change your mind about your hairline, it can be altered to suit your desires. Providing you choose your practitioner wisely, that is…
  8. Scalp micropigmentation restores self-esteem. Hair loss is devastating for anyone. And for some, it can begin at pretty tender ages. Restoring your hair loss or diffuse thinning with this cutting-edge treatment is the road to recovery with those lost confidence levels.
  9. It’s a treatment that is safe. As mentioned above in point number six, it’s holistic and ingredients in the pigments are solely natural, deeming the procedure fail-safe.
  10. And finally, it can work it’s magic brilliantly on camouflaging imperfections from scars to burns, marks left by alopecia and hair transplants. The results are nothing short of a minor miracle.

If you are suffering from any form of hair loss and you’re curious to know more about this innovative and avant-garde treatment, you can reach out to us right here. Initial consultations are free of charge and without obligation where assessments of current and future hair loss can be established. Alternatively, you can always check us out via your favourite social media platform. You’ll find us easily on either Facebook or Instagram and there are plenty of photographs in the gallery of both before and after treatments of previous patients.