Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare

Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative and contemporary procedure that’s quickly becoming a household name throughout the world. It is a treatment that works to conceal hair loss, and both men and women are beginning to see the benefits behind this instantaneous aesthetics procedure. However, for those wishing for their treatment to be long-lasting, there is a scalp micropigmentation aftercare routine that needs adhering to.

Once your treatment is actually completed, you just resume your normal way of life, pretty much immediately afterward. So what are the limitations attached to this avant-garde procedure?

Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Guidelines

Initial session of scalp micropigmentation

Day one of your very first scalp micropigmentation treatment can be a pretty nerve-racking experience. You may have done plenty of homework, been for an initial consultation with your chosen technician to discuss hairlines and how treatment rolls out. But once the treatment has begun, you’ll soon relax into it all and before you know it, the very first session will be over.

Once you’re at home, the first thing you’ll probably be wanting to do is take a shower. But for the initial three days that follow, you need to avoid, wherever possible, getting your scalp wet. That doesn’t mean you can’t follow a fairly regular hygiene routine, just be careful.

The only other avoidance is physical exertion. Sweating over your scalp is a no-go zone. So ditch the idea of a gym work-out in the immediate future.

The above is your initial three-day post scalp micropigmentation aftercare routine.

SMP aftercare routine 5 days after your first treatment

You are now ready to begin shaving your head at this moment in time, yet you’ll also be aware of small scabs that are still present. When shaving your head, if you are intending to do so, then using an electric razor is better than the alternative. Foil shavers will be easier to use, be less irritating to the scalp and also, more importantly, be less likely to disturb the new pigment implants.

You can now, at this point, lightly shower your scalp but without the use of shampoo or any other type of products. After showering, it is acceptable to use an unperfumed moisturizer on your scalp.

Hitting the gym and lightly sweating is also now ok at this point but keep it to a minimum.

After an entire 7-day week

Normal showering and gym schedules can resume and also the use of regular shampooing and products. In addition to this, using an old-fashioned blade razor for scalp shaving is also fine. Gym sessions and heavy cardio workouts which will induce sweating is also ok.

You will be now undergoing top-up treatments which follow on from your initial scalp micropigmentation session. During this time, avoid all fake tans, saunas, sunbathing and sun creams. If you live in a climate that’s warm, be sure to use a lightweight hat or cap. Daily moisturizing is absolutely acceptable but it’s recommended to use one with natural ingredients without heavy perfumes.

Day 30

And once all sessions are completed, you can resume your regular daily routine you followed pre-treatment.

The above is a brief scalp micropigmentation aftercare routine and is only a guideline. Always request full information regarding aftercare from your scalp micropigmentation provider.