Is Scalp Micropigmentation Safe?

Is scalp micropigmentation safe? This question is raised frequently in each of our clinics, so we figured it was time to provide you with an answer that’s cast in cyberspace.

To give you the short version of the answer, yes, SMP is completely safe. However, delve a little and there are certain advisory cautions to adhere to to ensure the procedure is risk-free.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation and How Does it Work?

Also known by its abridged version, SMP, it is a life-changing, aesthetics treatment that disguises the devastation of hair loss. It is unlike other hair restoration solutions in that SMP does not promote new hair growth.

It is administered using a technique that is commensurate to that of tattooing. Using a machine that has been fitted with a microneedle, natural pigments are implanted underneath the skin’s outer layer, known as the Epidermis. The implanted pigment is laid out in a form of tiny dots across the scalp. The finished result is a series of imitation hair follicles which give the appearance that they are growing beneath the skin.

Are There Risk Factors With Scalp Micropigmentation?

One of the biggest risk factors linked to scalp micropigmentation has to be the fact that your skin’s barrier is broken. At any given moment, this means infections can enter the site being treated for SMP. The only way to combat this risk element is by choosing your clinic carefully. When making your decision on which practitioner is the best for you, ensure you consider the following:

  • Does the clinic appear to follow appropriate guidelines for hygiene? These guidelines include sterile appearance, protective films on equipment and also gloves being used during treatments. It should be a foregone conclusion that all needles are new and sealed for each independent procedure.
  • Is your technician fully qualified to administer scalp micropigmentation? Training is very much a choice in this field, owing to the lack of regulations. Exercise due diligence when choosing your clinic and don’t hesitate to ask where there training took place and how long they trained for.
  • Ask the clinic for a list of ingredients in the pigments being used. Certain inferior pigments can contain harmful components that can induce allergies or infections.
  • And finally, the safety aspect linked to your mental health and well-being. Poorly administered treatment can cause serious damage to confidence and self-esteem and can be notoriously difficult and expensive to remove. Verify all before and after galleries from your chosen technician.

Who Can Benefit From Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments?

The idea behind scalp micropigmentation is to recreate an ultimately natural hairline. This is achieved by a series of pigmented tiny dots being implanted underneath your skin, representing imitation hair follicles. The dots blend seamlessly with your actual complexion giving an incredibly life-like finish. SMP works on the following conditions :

  • Female and male pattern baldness
  • Alopecia, also known as patch baldness
  • Diffuse thinning, adding the appearance of density
  • Scar concealments
  • Cancer patients, as a bridge between hair loss and regrowth
  • To conclude, is scalp micropigmentation safe? Yes, but do take extreme care with the process of decision-making. Ensure your clinic is adept in the treatment process and don’t be afraid of asking questions to verify.