How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Take?

Anyone planning on undergoing this innovative and contemporary procedure for hair loss will be asking themselves how long does scalp micropigmentation take? And let’s face it, it’s a pretty obvious question as you’ll need to plan your life around your impending treatment.

To begin with, it’s important to note that it’s very difficult to be accurate on how long SMP will take as there are so many factors involved. To offer just a few examples of these factors, it depends on the fading rate a client may experience and also their skin type and hair tones. This, in addition, will affect the pigment shade a technician will need to work with and they will also need to take into consideration if there are supplementary blemishes and scar sites.

With the above in mind, it’s probably easier to set a benchmark to work from, and it’s going to run a little like this. The standard client, Norwood scale 3, minus blemishes or scarring. One without any underlying skin condition or symptoms of particular alopecias. With this scenario, a sensible estimation of the number of sessions required to complete treatment would be anything between two and four. Timescales for each session will be roughly 3 to 5 hours long. Length of time left between each SMP treatment, in an ideal world, 1 week.

During each treatment session, a layer of tiny dots is implanted into the scalp using microneedles and natural pigments. These dots replicate tiny follicles which conceal hair loss. The said implanted dots are placed in close proximity and are layered on the top of each other. Sessions are spaced over a period of time allowing for pigments to settle, enabling the technician better visibility, to be able to assess requirements as time evolves. Clinics should not be offering scalp micropigmentation in one sole session owing to the fact that they can’t provide a high quality of treatment in one hit.

Before you consider any treatment, you should organize a prior consultation with your SMP technician at the clinic of your choice. They will be able to not only discuss your needs and come up with a best-fit solution, but they’ll also be able to estimate how long your own SMP treatment will take. It’s a vital part of the scalp micropigmentation process and any reputable clinic will offer this service free of charge and without any obligations to go ahead with the treatment.

So there you have it, a super rough guideline which should answer your question, how long does scalp micropigmentation take? And in a nutshell, it certainly depends on your particular hair loss condition and skin type, however, if you’re a standard male pattern baldness sufferer, the guidelines are simple. Between two and four treatments, spread out over weekly intervals. Each treatment will take around 3 to 5 hours and don’t plan a big night out the same day you’re receiving your scalp micropigmentation sessions. Start to finish, a month after your very first session and your routine will return to full normality.