What is

Scalp Micropigmentation?

The world’s fastest growing solution for hair loss, scalp micropigmentation goes by many names. From hair tattooing to SMP to hair follicle replication, all describe the same technique that tens of thousands of men and women across the United Kingdom have chosen to hide thinning hair, alopecia, scars and even total balding.

At InkedIn SMP, we provide world class scalp micropigmentation treatments from our clinic in Bradford. Our technicians receive the best training, we use the best equipment and pigments, and we produce some of the very best results in the business.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our clients with the best treatment options available, we offer both permanent treatments and temporary SMP, known as tricopigmentation, at all our clinics.

How Does SMP Work?

The process itself involves the application of tiny pigment deposits into the upper dermis of the scalp. Each deposit is created to replicate a closely shaven hair, and when combined with thousands of other deposits, produces the appearance of a full head of shaven hair.

Treatments are also available for men and women who wish to keep their hair at a longer length. Provided enough hair density remains, scalp micropigmentation is used to reduce the contrast between the hair and the scalp, creating the illusion of a thicker, denser head of hair.

Most of our treatments are completed within 2-4 sessions, each lasting 1-3 hours and spaced a minimum of one week apart. This gradual build-up of density produces the most natural results, and when completed by a skilled Inked In technician, creates a treatment that is virtually undetectable.

What Is SMP Used For?

Scalp micropigmentation is used to tackle a wide variety of situations. Whatever the cause of your hair loss, we can help:

Male genetic hair loss   •   Female hair loss   •   Alopecia areata and totalis   •   Trichotillomania   •   Hair transplant density fills   •   Hair transplant scars   •   Patchy or sparse beard hair

All treatments are fully customised according to your own individual needs and preferences. The first step is to contact us for advice. Following a discussion we can arrange a face to face or remote consultation, provide a quotation using your photographs, or you can simply book at your nearest Inked In clinic for your treatment sessions.

Friendly Consultations

The first step is to contact us to discuss your needs. We encourage all clients to meet us for a consultation, however we understand this isn’t always possible. For this reason we are able to provide advice and a quotation using a video call, by assessing photographs you provide by email, or in some cases we can do everything by phone.

During our conversations we encourage your questions and we are ready to provide whatever information you require to make an informed decision. We never hard-sell any of our clients, in fact we encourage you to make a decision only when you are fully up to speed with how scalp micropigmentation works, and whether or not this treatment will meet your needs.

If you choose to proceed with treatment, we will arrange a suitable date and time at one of our clinics for your first treatment session.

Treatment Scheduling

Each treatment session lasts 1-3 hours, with your first and second sessions requiring the most amount of time. Subsequent sessions are usually shorter as the objective is usually to perfect the details of your treatment and manage and mid-treatment fading.

Your sessions are spaced a minimum of one week apart. This is to enable your scalp to settle after each session and signpost your technicians approach for the next session. Unlike other clinics we will never rush your treatment. SMP lasts a lifetime and we want to ensure your final look is as flawless as it can be.

After each session it takes 12-24 hours for any redness to subside. With this in mind, most of our clients take the day of each session off work, and are usually ready to return to work the following day. We will always try to arrange your treatment sessions around your personal and work commitments to minimise any inconvenience.

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